Lots of good news today!  I slept well last night, ate well this morning and at clinic,  they decided my counts were good enough to stop with the intravenous antibiotics.  So I avoid 3 hours of infusions.  Also I get to stop one  of the other drugs that I was taking prophylactically, called fluconazole.  That one is kind hard on your liver so I am very glad to be able to take it off my medication list!  I have better things to do with my liver!  My white count was up to 2.2 and both my platelets (32) and hemoglobin (9.4) were a little higher than yesterday, so I should be done with transfusions as well.  The best news, though, is that as long as my counts continue to rise tomorrow, I get the weekend off from clinic visits, which means I can go home!  They are thinking I’ll be “discharged” from the daily visit phase on Monday or Tuesday, so I’m going to give up the Durham apartment early.  Dennis is madly cleaning our house in preparation.  He has to try to turn 14 days of  2-teenage-boys-and-a-half-time-father- batchelor- pad into an almost sterile environment for me.   I know he’ll do well, but I’ll bring some face masks and disinfectant wipes home with me, just in case!