I think I’ve turned the corner finally.  My throat felt much better this morning and I’m able to eat sort-of solid food without taking painkillers.  That’s a big improvement as I was having to take oxycodone just to swallow liquids (and all my pills) only yesterday.  My white count is up to 1.0 and my my platelets and hemoglobin are low but holding steady, so the clinic is saying that the stem cells have definitely engrafted.  Now it is just a matter of time until my counts are high enough that I can move back home.  They are still giving me 3 kinds of intravenous antibiotics every day in clinic. Once you’ve had one fever, that’s the protocol until counts rise into the normal range, even if the fever resolves. So, I’m hoping my ANC will be high enough tomorrow to stop that nonsense.   My nausea is also much better and I’m cutting way back on the anti-emetics.  I’m definitely feeling pretty wiped out right now though.   I did a mile on the treadmill both this morning and this afternoon but was actually sweating and panting by the time I finished. Its amazing how much conditioning you can lose in less than 2 weeks.  Its going to be a long recovery but right now I’m feeling very good that I’ll be around to recover! Thanks to everyone for the calls, notes, prayers, and cards of support.  I’ve never felt lonely through this ordeal and really appreciate it.  Hoping for more good news tomorrow.