Dennis and I had a somewhat more adventurous evening than usual.   After coming back from the clinic yesterday, I started shaking uncontrollably (rigors) and spiked a fever, almost up to 102 degrees.  Off to the hospital at 7pm for three kinds of intravenous antibiotics.  Duke has a pretty efficient system wherein the transplant patients are directly admitted to an inpatient BMT unit without having to wait in the Emergency Department or registration area and potentially be exposed to hospital bugs. The inpatient BMT unit also has a 3 door sealed system with its own air filtration system to prevent infection transfer.  Unfortunately, they were having a tad bit of trouble with their new EMR system last night,  so they didn’t release me until 2am.  Yawn!  We are back at clinic on Day 11, and I’m now getting phosphorus and potassium infusions and a red blood cell tranfusion also.  The good news though, is that my white count is up to 0.4, which means my stem cells are engrafting (yeah!!). Hopefully, now my throat will start healing and I can start eating real food again!