I was REALLY hoping to be able to write a post over the weekend that my counts had started to rise, but unfortunately that didn’t happen.  My white counts are still essentially zero, my hemoglobin is at 8.4, and my platelets are at 10,000.  So,  I’m very fatigued and I’ll be getting a platelet transfusion today to make sure I don’t have problems with bleeding.  The other bad news is that I developed sores in my esophagus on Friday.  It  now hurts so much to swallow that I have to take oxycodone just to get down  applesauce, or yogurt. I was hoping this would have improved by now, but as of Monday morning, no change, and I’m still  wincing to swallow almost anything.  Gatorade is the one fluid I can get down pretty well, so I’m staying pretty hydrated with that, and Dennis is visit the nearest Whole Foods to try to find me some Naked Juice smoothie type things so I have some options while on the liquid diet!   One bit of good news is that I’ve been running a low grade fever for the past day, and the nurses seem to  think it might be an “engraftment” fever.  If so, maybe I’ll have better news tomorrow!!