Well- yesterday was relatively quiet, but  marked with increasing levels of nausea and generally feeling yucky. By this morning, almost anything could set off the retching, and I’m having a hard time keeping even the most boring and benign foods, like toast and yogurt, on my stomach. This is a problem because you are supposed to try to eat 3000-4000 calories, heavy on protein, if possible. So at clinic this morning, they have given me some fluids and steriods to try to control the nausea. Also, they are going to try a motion sickness type patch on me, to see if that helps. Since strong smells and riding in the car both are triggers, I’m thinking this will help. 

My counts are now officially crashing, as they are supposed to from the chemo, with my white count down to 0.5; platelets and hemoglobin are still holding up a little better.   The next 5-7 days will be the most risky, in terms of infection, so we have to monitor my temperature frequently, avoid exposure to other people almost entirely, and try to keep everything really clean. 

One thing that is really NOT fair is that, with not a hair left on my head, I still had to shave my legs yesterday! I’m going to blame  the Italian side of my lineage for chemo-resistant leg hair.

I have a nice list of “happys” today though.  Dennis and I went for a walk last evening at Duke Gardens, which is only a couple miles from the apartment. I’d forgotten how beautiful it is. Even with all the heat and rains, there are huge sweeps of gorgeous flowers.  I still have enough stamina to walk  about a mile at one time, as long as it is pretty flat.  My father sent me a gift box of tasty treats from Reid’s in Charlotte, including pecans, peanuts, cheese straws, and Moravian cookies… all of which, happily, I can nibble on when the stomach cooperates, and the ginger cookies, in particular were delcious!