Its Monday, Day 3 after getting my cells back and so far all is still relatively quiet. Despite all the antiemetic drugs, I’m still pretty nauseated. It reminds me of perpetual morning sickness, and its kind of spurred on by the thought of food. So far, I’ve managed to have something at every meal, though, even if just peanut butter toast, so that’s good.   The routine at this point is that I go into the clinic every day for at least 4 hours or so.  They weigh me, take vitals, and draw labs (CBC, chemistry + phosphorus and magnesium).  If my counts get too low, they will provide red blood cell or platelet transfusions, and if any of the electrolytes drop too far, they will supplement with IV.  So far, I haven’t needed anything, and I’ve been lucky enough not to have mucositis (mouth sores) from the chemo either, so the ice chewing may really have helped.   Once they clear my labs and do a quick physical, I can leave for the day. The clinic is pretty busy right now with a lot of transplant cases,  so there tends to be a lot of waiting. Luckily, they have good wifi, free sodas and crackers (always good on a queasy stomach), and the infusion chairs are pretty comfortable.  So far, so good!