Still raining and gray! Not too much to report on today.  The BMT clinic is open on Saturday but much quieter than the rest of the week, and parking is free on the weekend.  I had a quick visit in today because all my labs are still holding steady, despite the chemo 2 days ago.  They are expecting the counts to start dropping soon, probably by tomorrow, and then the more intensive support measures will start (things like blood transfusions, electrolyte infusions).  I am feeling pretty nauseated today for the first time, despite the 3 kinds of anti-nausea medicine they give you  (Compazine, Zofran, and Ativan) and feel quite chilled, so I pulled out the heating pad that the nice crew from the office gave me and am using that to warm up as I type.  I’ll go out a little later to walk a couple more miles on the treadmill in the wellness center.  I got in 2 miles this morning before going to clinic.  There is a strong correlation between exercising and successful transplants, so they really push the patients to walk.  Apparently 14 laps around the two treatment areas at the clinic is a mile, so some days you see the patients and their caregivers trekking around the clinic, counting laps, and sometimes pushing their infusion bag carts along with them.